Fred Mini Gosedjur /TULIPOP

Fred Mini Gosedjur /TULIPOP

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Hej! det är jag som är Fred!

Fred is the strong, silent type. He lives in the depths of the Black Forest, near the Golden Alps. No one can really say for sure what kind of creature he is,

but legend has it that his mother was a reindeer.

While much concerning Fred’s origins and nature is a mystery, one thing is for sure; the reason for his distinctive black colour is that he only eats ink-cap mushrooms. Nothing else is on the menu. Ink-cap mushrooms are the be all and end all.

Litet gosedjur föreställande Fred, det gulliga monstret som längtar efter att få skrämmas men aldrig lyckas.

Mått: Ca. 12 cm hög.