800 SEK

Växtfärgad Kaftan i 100% siden från Stochholms-baserade märket Howling Collective.

Det finaste på länge om ni frågar mig, och en påminnelse om att bara sälja ting med hjärta och själ.

This will be your statement piece!

The kaftan is a loose fitted unisex garment that encourage movement. Works excellent for celebrations, cozy nights in or playing superhero with a cape!

Every piece is hand dyed in Stockholm using only natural material such as plants and food waste.

Due to the natural dyeing technique every piece is unique and the color can vary from each piece and from the pictures.

Material: 100% silk

Please note that this kaftan intentionally big in size for a loose fit. Kindly look at below measurement an sizing recommendation before buying.

Measurements and sizing:

80/86: 1-3 Y. Length 47 cm.

98/104: 3-6 Y. Length 50 cm.

110/116: 6-8 Y. Length 53 cm.

122/128: 8-10 Y. Length 56 cm.

134/140: 10-13 Y. Length 59 cm.

"Parenthood can be life changing, powerful and exhausting. It will give you patience you never thought you had and deep strong love you haven't felt before. It also makes you want products that you didn't know you wanted or even existed.

Howling Collective is an idea sprung from flowers and petals. From the will to give our kids toxic-free garments made with magic.

This by using amazing textiles and dye them using only natural ingredients and things you can find in nature.

This is a collective where everyone is welcomed and cherished. Howl to the moon and be wild. Be bold.

Take your own path and do it with magic. Be you! Always.

Welcome to Howling Collective!"