Handmålad Julgranskula Christmas
Sissel Edelbo

Handmålad Julgranskula Christmas

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The Christmas spirit is here! These unique and colourful Christmas ornaments spread joy everywhere. They are made of recycled Indian newspapers and hand painted in India. Year after year you can decorate your Christmas tree with these beautiful and outstanding Christmas ornaments. They have a unique cultural history and are produced according to sustainable principles with a lot of love and consideration for Mother Earth. Go green this Christmas and buy Christmas ornaments that are made of recycled materials to reduce the environmental burden - an amazing gift to all of us. SISSEL EDELBO wishes you a Very Merry Christmas!

The Christmas ornaments are all unique and comes in assorted colors and sizes. Therefore, when you buy a package of Christmas ornaments, they will not be the exact ones on the picture, but a selection of handpicked Christmas ornaments in the combination of colors you have chosen.

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