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Kringla Dry Garden

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The Pretzel SILK Ornament is made from upcycled SILK sari and is beautifully sprinkled with small beads. All beads are attached by human hands.

Year after year you can decorate your Christmas tree and your home, with the Pretzel SILK Ornament. The saris used has a unique cultural history and the ornaments are produced according to sustainable principles with a lot of love and consideration for Mother Earth.  

ONE SIZE: 7 x 10 cm (ornament is measured without the string)

The Christmas ornaments are made from left over sari and therefore there can be some vary in color and patterns, which makes each ornament unique. All ornaments is all handmade and there will be small vary in pearls, placements and in trim colors from the picture as all are unique. But the majority are created from the same sari.

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